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Transient Student (Concurrent Enrollment)

A transient student attends another college and wants to take summer classes at Motlow or pick up a class online or on campus.

We can help you achieve your academic goals through a wide variety of summer course offerings, including full-semester, two half-semesters, minimesters, and online courses.


  • A transient student is a student from another institution who takes classes during the summer term at Motlow and transfers the credit to their home institution
  • Transient students must be eligible to re-enter the home institution
  • To be admitted as a transient student, complete one of the following:
    • Apply as a Transient
    • If you previously attended Motlow, apply for readmission
  • Complete proof of citizenship form in MyMotlow
  • Submit immunization form in MyMotlow
  • By May 1, if a class is needed as a pre-requisite, request a letter of good standing and a partial transcript from your home institution be forwarded to Motlow
  • Motlow must receive your home institution Spring term transcript before it can send your summer transcript when the summer term is completed
  • A transient student must submit an official request to the Office of Admissions and Records to have an official transcript forwarded to the home institution at the end of the Summer term

Visit the Transcript Ordering Center

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