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Scholarships are money provided for education with no expectation of paying back. Scholarships are funded by the federal government, state government, Motlow Foundation, and external sources. 

Scholarships can be based on scholastic merit, financial need, field of interest, or other requirements. Motlow is proud it has helped thousands of students pay for their education.

Motlow & Foundation Scholarships

Complete one general application for most scholarships available at Motlow and through the Motlow Foundation. Apply for scholarships after completing your Motlow admission application.


Scholarship Application Guide


Book Scholarship

Motlow offers book scholarships through the Foundation. TN Promise and TN Reconnect awards cannot apply to any book or supply costs. In the event you have excess aid on your account from other federal, state, or scholarship funds and you have authorized the uses of excess federal fund for this purpose you may have the opportunity to use the excess funds at the Motlow Bookstore prior to release of funds at the beginning of the fall or spring semesters.

State Scholarships

The State of Tennessee offers a wide variety of programs to help fill the gap in education expenses, including Tennessee Student Assistance Award, Tennessee Promise, Reconnect, and a variety of Tennessee Lottery programs.

External Scholarships

Motlow encourages you to search for funding opportunities wherever they are available. Always verify the legitimacy of organizations offering you scholarships.

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