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Graduate Debt Free

Graduate Without Debt

At its core, Motlow is about people.

That’s why we have the Motlow College Foundation. The Foundation supports the college financially. It provides for our mission, values and activities. It does this today, and it will do it far into the future.

We’re funded by caring people. These are citizens who want to make a difference in your life. The financial resources they offer Motlow include:

  • Creating scholarships.
  • Supporting our programs.
  • Helping us maintain our first-rate facilities. 

By improving your Motlow experience, the foundation helps you create a better life. Tennesseans genuinely care. Our aim is to serve you. To support next generation's opportunities for success, happiness and doing good.

Helping Students in Need

The Motlow College Foundation serves many first-generation college students who have limited financial and emotional support. Without clear direction and guidance, some students become overwhelmed by the application, enrollment and financial process. They are unable to seek assistance.

However, this does not mean they don’t deserve college. We think they deserve help. The goals of Motlow College are for students to easily enroll, and then graduate student loan and debt free.

The Foundation’s scholarship funds are an essential part of meeting this goal.

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