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Prior Learning Assessment

External credit for Previous Experience

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) may qualify you for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), allowing you to gain academic credit for skills and knowledge you possess. After a PLA is conducted, you may earn CPL for learning you gained through work, employer training programs, military service, independent study, volunteer work or community service, and open-source courseware study.

PLA evaluates those types of knowledge for college credit, certification, or advanced standing in your academic career.

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process of earning prior learning credits

Review your chosen program of study and match your competencies to a specific course or courses.

Send a summary of your experience, training, and documents of proof (if applicable) to the Coordinator of Prior Learning Assessment. The Coordinator of PLA evaluates your submissions.

Additional information is in the Motlow Catalog.

Options for earning credit

Military Experience (Armed Services Credit)

  • Motlow grants credit for courses in Mechatronics, Business, or Cyber Defense

Industry Certifications

  • Motlow awards course credits in Cyber Defense, Business Office, and Medical Office

Portfolio Development

  • If you are pursuing a General Studies degree and have documentable experience or on-the-job training, you may be able to take MTSU's portfolio development course

CLEP Examinations

Challenge Exam

  • Costs: $25 per challenge exam (plus $3.50 online processing fee)
  • Failure does not impact your GPA

Certified Administrative Professional

  • You may receive a maximum of 12 semester hours credit from the following courses:
    • ADMN 1308
    • ADMN 1311
    • BUSN 1305
    • BUSN 1310

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