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Pre-Law Emphasis

Earn an Associate of Art (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) University Parallel degree with an emphasis in Pre-Law at Motlow State Community College.

Pre-Law is for students who are interested in becoming a lawyer, paralegal, or pursuing a career in the legal field. Motlow offers a well-rounded education that instills excellent communications skills, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, an unwavering personal and professional ethic, as well as the ability to conduct focused research and present persuasive and accurate arguments.

Motlow’s Pre-Law concentration prepares students for a university bachelor’s degree followed by three years of law school. The courses provide you with a basic understanding of the intricacies of our judicial system.

This is a Tennessee Transfer Pathway (TTP). TTPs enable you to complete your degree at Motlow and then transfer to any Tennessee public and several Tennessee private, universities to complete your bachelor’s degree.

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Find Your Future

Have you chosen a major? Is there a program of study that inspires you? Do you have your heart set on a particular degree? Motlow is here to help you find your future and craft a great career.

Start by choosing the credentials you want. Motlow offers:

  • Short-term certifications,
  • One-year diplomas,
  • 2-year associates degrees,
  • Associates degrees with embedded micro-credentials, and
  • Pathways to numerous bachelor degrees with majors in hundreds of programs. We have many additional articulation agreements with universities that allow you to easily transfer or even enroll simultaneously at Motlow and another institution
  • We have articulation agreements with universities that allow you to easily transfer or even enroll simultaneously at Motlow and another institution.

Use our program finder to explore all of the possibilities. Visit our transfer & articulations page to learn more about our partnerships with other universities. Explore your interests and aptitudes with our free YouScience tool.

Meet with one of our admissions counselors. Enroll and get assigned your very own completion coach.

The time is right. Call us today. It’s never been easier to find a scholarship and apply for aid to help pay for college. Our mission is your success, and we want to make exploring Motlow simple & free.

With an advanced degree, you could make over $150k/year as an attorney.

A male and female judge

Career Opportunities with an Advanced Degree

  • Attorney ($45-160k/year)
  • Court Administrator ($12-16/hour)
  • Mediator ($37-59k/year)
  • Politician ($61-295/day)
  • Public Defender ($41-63k/year)
  • Judge ($79-190k/year)


A pre-law degree won’t limit you to pursuing a career as a lawyer; there are a wealth of job options that don’t require going to law school but will still have you working in the legal field. For example, you could help reduce the number of cases that are presented before a judge. This career path, known as arbitration, mediation, and conciliation, allows you to manage and facilitate disputes outside of court. 

Additionally, with a Pre-Law degree, you can work as a paralegal, performing legal research, overseeing communication, drafting official documents, and much more. Some paralegals specialize in a particular area of the law such as wills and estates, real estate, or criminal law. 

Pre-Law Printable Information

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