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Withdraw from Motlow

Withdrawing from Classes

Motlow has a formal process to drop all of your classes. This process is known as withdrawal. You may withdraw in person or online in MyMotlow. If you stop attended all classes without completing the withdrawal process, you will receive a failing grade in all classes.

View withdrawal deadlines in the Academic Calendar.

Official withdrawal from the College 

First, Are You Enrolled?

Remember, you are not officially enrolled until you have registered and paid the registration fees. Check the schedule of classes. Your account may have a hold on it with financial aid, installment payment plans, temp holds, third party holds, administrative holds, etc.

Leaving? Please Withdraw

The best way to withdraw is to do it officially. (As opposed to just not showing up, or even telling your professors that you’re leaving.) This allows you to keep your good academic standing. If you simply walk away—you’ll fail your current classes. Also, your financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress will be negatively impacted.

This will make it harder for you to start again later, at any school. Withdraw by the book, and you can more easily continue your education at a later date.

Non-Attendance and Withdrawal Are Different

Please know that class attendance isn’t tied to your withdrawal. Even if you stop going to class, you’re still paying for class. Withdrawal means that you’ve dropped all of your classes.

How Does Withdrawal Affect My Academic Record?

  • It’s best to withdraw during the window for class changes. Do this, and the classes will not appear on your academic record.
  • If you withdraw after this window, your classes will be recorded as a “W” on your academic record. This letter has no effect on your grades. (It will impact your financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress.)

When to Withdraw

  • The best time to withdraw is during the window for regular class changes at the beginning of each term.
  • You have 10 weeks to withdraw from 15-week long classes.
  • For classes that last for less than 15 weeks, you must withdraw by the time the class is two-thirds (2/3’s) finished.

How to Withdraw


  1. Log into MotlowHub
  2. Click MyMotlow
  3. Click Student Tab
  4. Click Registration
  5. Click Add or Drop Classes

In Person

Contact the Dean of Students ( if you are unable to withdraw online.

Where’s My Refund

The Admissions office handles withdrawal. The Business Office handles any refund (or bill) that you have coming.

Can You Withdraw After the 10-Week Deadline?

After this point, you’ll need a reason to withdraw.

  • If you’re injured or have a serious personal problem. You’ll need your case verified by your doctor, counselor or psychologist.
  • If you must work. This can include new employment, or a change to your regular employment. You’ll need this change verified in writing by your employer.
  • If there’s a death in the immediate family. We’ll need to verify this with your spiritual counselor, or physician.

How Do You Withdraw After the Deadline?

You’ll need to submit your request in writing to the Dean of Students. Make sure it’s within the semester of the classes you want to drop. You cannot drop classes from a previous term.

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