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Financial Aid Terms, Conditions, and Right to Know

Contact the Financial Aid Office


Your Motlow email account will be the primary method the Motlow Financial Aid Office (FAO) uses to communicate about financial aid. You need to check your account frequently.


Motlow complies with federal and state privacy laws and regulations. The data in your financial aid file may only be released to authorized representatives of federal and state agencies, involved lenders, and college agents needing the information for awarding and advising following federal and state policy. No one else may review your file without your written consent, a subpoena, or a court order. If you want to release information to someone else, you must provide written authorization. The FERPA release authorization form is in your MyMotlow account under the Student Tab. 

NOTE: There are limited instances where FAFSA information can be released, even with written authorization.

General Financial Aid Requirements

  • On behalf of the College, the financial aid office reserves the right to review, revise, or cancel an award at any time because of financial or academic status changes.
  • Any commitment of federal or state funds (i.e., Federal Pell Grant, Lottery Scholarship, Tennessee Promise, Tennessee Reconnect, etc.) is tentative and contingent upon subsequent Congressional or Legislative appropriation and actual receipt of the funds by Motlow State.
  • Federal, state, public, private, and institutional allocations provide student financial aid funds. They are subject to change and late awarding. Motlow reserves the right to modify our commitment to you accordingly. Awards are contingent upon actual receipt of funds from the agencies mentioned above.
  • Recipients of financial assistance must notify our office concerning any other scholarships, loans, or assistance extended to them from any source.
  • Students must have their financial needs determined each year by filing a new Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) beginning with the fall semester. Please submit the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1 each year.
  • Regulations require that students receiving financial aid must be enrolled in an eligible program of study to obtain a degree or an approved certificate and must be enrolled in classes required for that chosen major.
  • Financial aid refunds (as applicable) will not be available until all of the following have been achieved:
    1. aid has been awarded;
    2. all classes have begun each semester;
    3. all instructors verify class engagement; and
    4. the Business Office has processed the refund. Refunds are released via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or mailed checks for those without an EFT account on file.
  • Students must not receive aid at another institution for the same semester they request it from Motlow.
  • Failure to attend classes may result in a repayment of funds received.
  • Students interested in scholarships must complete a separate online scholarship application. The application deadline for institutionally controlled scholarships is March 15 for the upcoming fall semester.
  • Most financial aid funds are awarded on full-time enrollment (usually at least 12 hours per semester). They may be adjusted, prorated, or canceled for less than full-time enrollment.
  • Financial aid awards are subject to adjustment should you receive other financial assistance that would cause your total aid to exceed your remaining need or budget.
  • Motlow may adjust or cancel financial aid awards if we are informed that you have received financial aid at another college during the year.
  • Federal regulations limit to 30 the number of cumulative attempted remedial/developmental semester credit hours allowed for financial aid.
  • Students who receive federal aid and totally withdraw, drop, or stop attending all classes before completing more than 60% of a semester may have their aid adjusted based on a percentage of the term they completed.
  • Students receiving federal/state financial assistance are responsible for making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward completing their program of study. Please read the SAP standards. SAP is the key to retaining financial aid eligibility, and the student must monitor their progress. Motlow accepts no responsibility to replace aid lost when a student fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • Intentional false statements or misrepresentation on any of the student's financial aid application materials may subject the student or parent(s) to a fine, imprisonment, or both under provisions of the U.S. Criminal Code.
  • Students must be prepared to purchase books and supplies without reliance on financial aid.
  • Bookstore charges may be authorized at the beginning of a semester. Students eligible to charge will be notified via their Motlow email account.
  • Courses offered in mini-terms within a semester are treated as modules. All modules must be completed without an official or unofficial withdrawal to maintain eligibility for financial aid awards for the semester. Dropping or withdrawing from mini-terms may result in financial aid funds having to be returned by the student for the entire semester.

Federal Requirements

  • You must be in a degree-seeking program and enrolled in classes required in that degree program. 
  • To be eligible for federal and state financial aid, you must maintain Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward a degree. Your cumulative GPA, PACE to graduation, and maximum time limits for completing your degree are monitored each semester. Detailed SAP information is available on the Motlow Financial Aid page.
  • You cannot receive federal financial aid at two institutions simultaneously.
  • Contact the FAO before dropping or withdrawing from classes because it may cause you to owe a balance to Motlow or lose eligibility for some types of financial aid.
  • A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed annually.
  • Students cannot receive Federal financial aid awards for any class not required in their current declared program of study/major— a Course Program of Study or CPoS. To have a class considered for funding, it must show as required in your Motlow GPS report as of the freeze date for financial aid (generally the 14th day of each full-term semester).
  • Retain your FSA ID for all future terms. Also, if you are a dependent student, your parent(s) must retain their FSA ID.

Financial Aid Awards

  • Dependent and independent students are expected to contribute toward their educational costs.
  • Your financial aid Cost of Attendance (COA) or financial aid budget is based on an allowance for direct and indirect cost for enrollment. Your financial aid awards may not exceed your COA.
    Your financial aid awards are based on the assumption that you will attend full-time. Your COA and financial aid awards will be adjusted based on actual enrollment as of the census date (typically the 14th day of classes for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.)
  • Summer Pell grants are awarded based on the remaining balance after fall and spring terms have been paid or by Year-Round Pell guidelines.
  • Students must notify the FAO if they plan to enroll part-time or if they will receive a private scholarship or receive third-party payments such as Vocational Rehabilitation, discounts, etc. Otherwise, you may owe a balance to Motlow.
  • Financial aid is based on the number of hours enrolled. After passing a class with a grade of A, B, C, D, P, or S, you can enroll and complete the class and have it count towards your financial aid eligibility one more time.
  • Federal Grants, State Grants, and Lottery awards may be adjusted if enrolled for under twelve credit hours.
    State grant funds (Tennessee Lottery, Tennessee Student Assistance Award) may not be available until mid-semester and may not count toward fees.

PELL Information

  • The federal government will monitor students regarding the maximum number of semesters they can receive the Federal Pell Grant. Inclusive of all postsecondary institutions, eligible students can receive the Federal Pell Grant until a baccalaureate degree is earned or have received a Pell Grant the equivalent of twelve (12) full-time semesters (or 600%), whichever comes first. You may view the amount of Pell Grant used by logging into
  • Federal Pell Grant awards are based on full-time enrollment each semester. The amount of the Federal Pell Grant will be based on the average cost of attendance. Federal Pell amounts for less than full-time enrollment each semester are reduced.

Loans Information

  • Motlow is not participating in the Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized loan programs.
  • Motlow does not participate in Parent PLUS Loans.
  • Motlow does not certify any private or alternative student loans.

Federal Work-Study

Motlow does not participate in the Federal Work-Study Program.

Tennessee Eligibility Verification for Entitlements Act (EVEA)

New students admitted or readmitted to Motlow must verify US citizenship or lawful presence to receive state-funded benefits as required by the EVEA. Failure to meet this requirement will cancel Academic scholarships, Lottery Scholarships, Tennessee Promise, Tennessee Reconnect, and the Tennessee Student Assistance Award (TSAA).


Please visit our scholarship page for scholarship criteria, application information, and deadlines.

TN State Aid Information

For the most up-to-date information on aid provided by the State of Tennessee (HOPE, Promise, Reconnect, TELS, etc.), please visit College for TN.

Disbursement and Refunding Information

  • Grants and most aid options will automatically be accepted for you. Remember, Motlow State does not participate in the Federal loan program. Aid may be prorated based on the number of hours enrolled. 
  • If your financial aid awards exceed Motlow charges, you may receive a refund. Electronic Fund Transfer makes refunds to the bank account you have set up in your MyMotlow account or by mailed check for those without an account. The Business Office will release refunds within the first 14 days of class for the full semester and in an ongoing process after the first release.
  • You need to actively confirm your registration utilizing your MyMotlow self-service account to keep your classes from being dropped. Paying fees or enrolling in the deferred payment plan does not automatically confirm your registration.
  • Federal regulations require recalculating financial aid eligibility if you withdraw officially or unofficially from all classes before completing 60% of the term.
  • You are responsible for repaying any aid you received that you are no longer eligible for due to withdrawing from the term or class. Failure to repay will result in being referred to the U.S. Dept. of Education Debt Collection Service and the College's collection department. In addition, you will not be eligible to receive future financial assistance at any educational institution until the debt is paid in full.
  • You must notify the FAO if you have quit attending classes or have completely withdrawn from the College.
  • Though the FAO does not anticipate any reduction in federal, state, or institutional funding, all awards are contingent upon the availability and receipt of those funds from each respective source.

Student Rights

  • Information on all available financial assistance includes all federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs.
  • Know the deadlines for each financial aid program's applications and any supporting documentation.
  • Know the specific information regarding fees, tuition, and the refund policy for those students who withdraw or drop out of school.
  • An explanation of how students are selected for receipt of financial aid and how financial need is determined. This process includes considering tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, personal and miscellaneous expenses, and the student's assets, parental contribution, and other financial aid (such as scholarships).
  • Know what resources are considered in the calculation of student needs.
  • Know how the financial aid package has been determined.
  • Receive an explanation of the various programs awarded in the financial aid package. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, reconsideration of the award may be requested.
  • Receive an explanation of the portion of financial aid the student received that must be repaid. If the aid is a loan, the student has a right to know the interest rate, the total amount to be repaid, when the repayment begins, and the conditions of deferment and cancellation.
  • Know how Motlow determines whether students are making "satisfactory progress" and what happens if they are not.

Student Responsibilities

  • Check Motlow's email and MyMotlow accounts regularly for Motlow correspondence and requirements.
  • Review and consider all information about Motlow academic programs before they enroll.
  • Complete all the application forms accurately and fully and submit them to the right place on time. If this is not done, aid could be delayed since errors must be corrected before any aid can be received. Intentional misreporting information on federal financial aid application forms is a law violation. It is considered a criminal offense subject to penalties under the U.S. Criminal Code. It subjects the student's application to denial. Additionally, regulations require that all cases of suspected fraud emanating from misrepresentation be reported to the Office of the Inspector General.
  • Promptly return all additional documentation, verification, corrections, or new information requested by the Motlow Financial Aid Office or the agency to which an application was submitted.
  • Read and understand all forms that you are asked to sign.
  • Notify the lender (if you have a loan) of name, address, or enrollment status changes.
  • Perform the work obligations required for accepting an Academic Work Scholarship (if applicable).
  • Know and comply with the deadlines for application or reapplication for aid.
  • Know and comply with Motlow Return of Title IV Funds Policy.
  • Repay financial aid funds if it is determined that you were ineligible to receive the funds.
  • Understand the financial aid policy for satisfactory academic progress.


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