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University of Phoenix Memorandum of Understanding

Motlow state graduates entering a bachelor degree program at the University of Phoenix receive a 5 percent tuition reduction and a 100 percent Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) reduction.

Motlow A.A. degree transfer credits will satisfy lower division elective and general education requirements making the student Required Course of Study ready at the University of Phoenix. This policy excludes the following programs with specialized lower division general education requirements: BSN, LPN-BSN, BSLS, BSED/E, BS/BIO, BA/ENG, BS/EVS, BS/HIS, and BSIT.

A.S. and A.A.S. degrees are evaluated on a program-to-program basis. A transfer pathway may be offered.

Academic-credit certificate program courses will be transferred to the University of Phoenix without a fee.

The University of Phoenix will provide a 100 percent PLA fee waiver for non-credit training or certificate classes that have not yet been transcribed for credit towards a certificate or degree program.

Transfer Agreement PDF

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